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Art-Engineering Tough Resin



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Both strength and toughness upgraded

Makcosmos art-engineering resin strengthens the toughness performance, increases the elongation at break, and the finished model is stronger and more durable, which can be used to print high-strength and high-toughness models such as structural parts, industrial prototype parts, and fixtures. It's able to drill and tap.


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High Precision with low shrinkage rate
With an even lower shrinkage rate, the chance of distortion is decreased. Achieve top-notch precision makes your prints.


1.The ideal condition for storing uncured resin is a cool, dark place at room temperature and protect from light to avoid high temperature or sunlight.
2.Suggested operating temperature is 18-35'c, and a low temperature may affect the printing effect, thus, the resin can be properly preheated before use (not more than 60°C).
3.If the resin pigment settles, it can be used after stirring or shaking.
4.In order to ensure the performance of the resin, please take out the model in time after cleaning to avoid the model soaking in water for a long time.
5.To ensure the mechanical properties of the model, please perform post-curing in time after cleaning and drying.
6.To ensure the ideal performance of the curable material, it is necessary to control the intensity and time of the light source after curing.

3D engineering resin

Art-Engineering Tough Resin